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WSP Still Investigating Tragic Friday Accident

An accident that happened last week on Friday resulted in the death of a teenager, several local reports have shown.

According to the authorities, the fatal accident took place on Highway 195. The Washington State Patrol has reported that a 2001 Volkswagen Beetle was on the northbound lanes of the Highway 195 near the town of Rosalia when the driver allowed the vehicle to cross the center line before it crashed into a Ford F150. The Beetle was being driven by an 18-year-old while the Ford vehicle driver was a 26-year-old.

The 18-year-old driver died at the scene of the crash while a passenger in the Beetle vehicle was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. The Ford driver and his passengers did not suffer deadly injuries. While the driver and a second occupant weren’t harmed, a third occupant was rushed to the hospital. His condition was listed as stable. The truck occupant who was injured was not wearing a seat belt.

According to the authorities, the investigation is ongoing. So the reasons behind the accident haven’t been identified.

Regardless of how this tragic accident occurred, our attorneys would like to remind drivers everywhere that certain activities such as distracted driving or even intoxicated or drowsy driving should never be part of their routine.

During the Thanksgiving week, drivers who are hitting the road to spend quality time with their families and friends should keep in mind that more drivers will also be hitting the road with the same goal in mind. Focusing on the road and making sure that they are rested should be part of their plan. Especially if they want to put safety first.

Until more details are released on the Friday tragic accident, drivers should not think that ignoring facts will help them to avoid accidents.

Focus on the road is important, but other defensive driving methods also are. Avoiding to speed when road and weather conditions are complicated could also help to avoid accidents, especially during the Thanksgiving week.

Avoid drowsy driving by pulling over to a rest stop or a gas station for a nap if you’re too tired to continue. Drowsy driving is also a common factor in accidents, especially in the holiday season.

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