WSDOT Crane Falls During Bridge Removal

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October 7, 2011
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News sources reported that a truck-mounted crane fell over Sunday afternoon during a bridge removal Sunday, injuring three workers in Meskill.

According to reports from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and the Department of Labor and Industries, the 30-ton, truck-mounted crane was working to remove sections from a 180-foot bridge that crossed the Chehalis River Sunday. At the time it tipped over, the crane was lifting a 572-pound section of the pre-fabricated truss bridge in the Meskill-Dryad area that connected Leudinghaus and River roads to State Route 6. Three workers sustained minor injuries during the accident.

WSDOT region administrator Kevin Dayton said, “We’re extremely thankful, and fortunate, that no one was seriously hurt. We’re looking into what exactly caused the crane removing the bridge sections to top in this instance, and are relived beyond words that only minor injuries occurred and no one was seriously injured or killed.”

The Leudinghaus Bailey Bridge had been on loan from WSDOT to Lewis County since 2007 when their bridge was washed out during a winter floods. Crews were dismantling the portable bridge for its return to WSDOT.

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