Wrong-Way Tacoma Driver Fatally Injured In Accident

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June 19, 2018
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AThe Washington State Patrol reported a deadly auto accident involving a wrong-way driver.

The man from Tacoma, 28, drove north in the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 Sunday. Because the vehicle was going the wrong direction, it crashed into a 4-Runner. A 16-year-old was behind the wheel of the Toyota. The teen was injured. Officials say her injuries were not severe.

The Tacoma man unfortunately died in the accident.

Officials have yet to announce the victim’s name.

After the collision, the road was blocked for many hours. Still, a woman was able to speed through the area at 65 mph. Law enforcement pulled her over. She got a ticket for second-degree negligent driving.

Avoid Similar Accidents By Paying Attention To Road Signs

While this accident is still under investigation, similar collisions have happened because drivers were oblivious, distracted, or because they ignored road signs.

At times, navigation devices will provide information that is not compatible with the actual roads. As such, drivers may get the wrong direction.

Distracted driving, however, is still a serious risk. And even after Washington lawmakers toughened distracted driving laws, the practice is still common.

To prevent accidents such as this, attention to the road is essential. But much more than that. Following traffic rules and never driving while intoxicated will also help you to stay out of trouble.

Until the Washington State Patrol officials investigating this accident report what happened to cause it, we hope you remain alert. We hope the victim who was injured is also being able to recover in full.

For more on this accident and other updates, follow this link.

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