Wrong Way Driver Leaves 4 Injured in Collision

A driver heading the wrong way along Highway 14 near Vancouver ended up causing a serious car accident and leaving 3 people injured, in addition to themselves.  According to this report from the Washington State Patrol, a Vancouver police officer had been following the 24 year old driver due to the suspicion that he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Apparently the officer attempted to signal the driver to pull over, but the driver neglected to and continued along the highway.  He entered the highway headed the wrong direction by traveling eastbound along the westbound lanes of Highway 14.

Unfortunately, the man crashed his car into a station wagon carrying a driver and two passengers, around 9:42 in the evening.  The station wagon contained a 53 year-old female driver and 50 and 40 year-old female passengers.  All three woman were rushed to different hospitals in the Portland and Vancouver area to be treated for their injuries.  As of last night, the female driver was listed in good condition at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and the other two women had been released from the hospital as well.

The driver who instigated the accident was treated at Southwest Washington Medical Center and released shortly after.  Washington State Troopers then cited him with two counts of vehicular assault.  The accident blocked traffic for almost three hours near I5.  As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I’m glad everyone will make a full recovery from this accident.  It’s too bad the Vancouver police officer wasn’t successful at attempted to pull the man over before he caused this terrible car accident.