Woman Killed in Recycling Plant Accident

A woman died late Thursday night in a work accident at a Renton recycling plant, according to news reports.

The work accident occurred when the woman, in her 20s, was caught in a machine at the Smurfit Stone Recycling Co. Other employees at the recycling plant hear her screams during the incident and they rushed to help, but they were unable to rescue her, according to news reports.

The woman, who has not yet been identified, died at the scene.

Employees were sent home after the fatal accident and the plant was shut down, according to news reports.

It is unclear exactly how the fatal work accident occurred. Officials with the state Department of Labor and Industries will investigate the incident, according to news reports.

As a Belleve personal injury lawyer, I’m saddened to hear about this fatal worksite accident. My condolences go out to this woman’s family and friends who are affected by this tragic incident. I hope the Department of Labor and Industries can investigate this incident and determine what exactly went wrong so it can help prevent an accident like this from ever occurring again.

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