Woman in Critical Condition After Allegedly Sleeping At The Wheel

According to various news sources, a 60-year-old woman from Lewiston was taken to the hospital after a crash following her sleeping at the wheel. Authorities claim she is in a serious physical condition.

The reports from the Washington State Patrol claim that the driver was going southbound on SR 195 sometime Tuesday morning when she unfortunately dozed off. Witnesses claim that her vehicle drifted off the road until it stopped by striking a manhole. After the hit, the woman was ejected through the windshield. According to the Washington State Patrol, she was later found in a creek.

The authorities transported the woman to the hospital right away. The official reports claim that the driver was not wearing a seat belt.

There aren’t many details regarding the conditions of the road but they don’t seem to have played an important role in the accident.

As a Spokane car accident attorney I sincerely hope that the driver will have a speedy recovery and that similar accidents may be prevented in the future. In the case of finding yourself tired, irritated while driving or fighting to stay awake, don’t hesitate to pull over, find a safe place and take a nap or drink some coffee until you feel completely awake again.

For any accidents that you may have been involved with that weren’t caused by you, remember to contact a personal injury lawyer to assist you.