What To Do After A Car Accident: Part 2

If you get into a car accident the most important thing is to protect yourself. You should stay safe and avoid any more potential physical hazards, but you need to also be aware of the financial hazards in your future.

In What To Do After a Car Accident: Part 1 we discussed the information you need to record in the event of a car accident. Once you document the accident with photos and insurance information of the other drivers you can prepare to file a claim.

Call your insurance company to start a claim or use their online services. You will likely be contacted by your claims representative to discuss the details of your claim.

If you were responsible for the accident, you’ll likely have to pay surcharges and increased premiums. However, if you fit a certain profile, some insurers won’t raise your premium.

If you don’t believe you were responsible for the car accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the wreck from the other person’s insurer. If you have been injured in the car accident, contact a Bellevue car accident attorney to have your claim evaluated.