What To Do After a Car Accident: Part 1

As winter weather transforms Seattle’s hilly roads into icy slip and slides and freeways into parking lots, the possibility for Seattle car accidents increase. It’s important to drive as safely as possible and try to stay off the road, but sometimes the inevitable happens, you get in a car accident.

You may feel a little chaotic right after a car accident, but as a Seattle car accident lawyer I suggest you follow these basic steps to can stay safe and file a claim a little easier.

1.  Safety First. Think about your safety and the safety of those around you before thinking about your insurance and a potential claim. If someone is injured call 911 immediately.

2. Stay Calm. Getting upset after a car accident will only make things worse.

3. Handle the issue yourself. If you can move safely out of the roadways and no one is injured there is no need to call the police.

Be prepared for an accident before they happen. Keep a copy of your insurance information, a pen, paper and disposable camera in your car to document the accident.

Once you get to safety, watch what you say to the other driver and don’t say things like “I’m sorry,” which could be used against you in court.  Write down the following information of the people involved:



Phone number

Email address

Make, model and year of the car

License plate number

Insurance carrier

Insurance policy number

Take these photos, if you can:

Damage to your vehicle

Accident location

People involved with the accident

To learn how to file a claim, read Part Two: What to Do After a Car Accident