What Should You Do In The Event Of a Recall?

It’s easy to ignore recalls because they seem so frequent. I won’t get hurt, or I’m too healthy to be affected by a contaminated product, you might think. But as a Seattle personal injury lawyer and foodborne illness attorney, I recommend never ignoring a food or product recall. The American Association of Poison Control Centers don’t want you to ignore them either. Follow these steps to protect yourself:

  1. Many recalls are for products you may not use, drink, or eat, and discovering if it is a product you use is the first step. Is it being recalled from a store you frequent, or do your kids play with them?
  2. Do not panic. It takes a long time for public health agencies to trace where contamination and illnesses originated. Because of this, the problem could be resolved already when the recall is announced.
  3. Stay aware of recent recalls. Read the news, visit Recalls.gov, company web pages, ask your doctor or pharmacist, or contact your local poison control center 24/7.
  4. Know the reasons why a food product is recalled. If you have allergies, undeclared nut or dairy ingredients could be dangerous, if not there is probably not as big of an issue.
  5. Check lot numbers to see if your product was really part of the recall.
  6. Products with high lead or cadmium may affect your child’s long-term health. Take these recalls as seriously as others.
  7. If the product you’re using is recalled, stop using it immediately and return it or throw it away. There are instructions included in the recall notice which tell you exactly what to do with the recalled item.
  8. Seek medical attention if you have symptoms due to a recalled item. Contact your local poison control center if you have questions and a doctor for an evaluation.
  9. See if other people who had the same product are experiencing similar symptoms as you. If not, then it may not be related.
  10. If you have experienced injury due to a recalled product have your claim evaluated by a Seattle personal injury lawyer.