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Driver Crashed Rented Car Because Of Wet Road Conditions

Certain road conditions can be serious. If we are not alert and concerned for our safety, we might not realize it. But eventually, the choices we make will catch up with us and accidents will happen.

According to the Washington State Patrol, a man who rented a McLaren for four hours ended up crashing because he failed to observe road conditions.

Officials say the man was traveling at high speed early Thursday on Interstate 5. Due to the wet road condition, the driver ended up losing control and the car crashed into both sides of the tunnel under the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

What’s perhaps worse is that, even though the authorities said the driver was going too fast, he still blamed the tires and not himself.

On Twitter, officials urged Seattle drivers to always mind the road conditions before trying to speed.

Whether you believe that, perhaps, there was something wrong with the vehicle’s tires, it’s still important to note that many of these crashes happen because drivers go too fast when they shouldn’t.

While we’re glad no injuries were reported and no other vehicles were involved in this accident, we do urge other Seattle drivers to keep in mind that even if they feel they are experienced enough, speeding is never a good idea. Much like distracted driving, speeding makes it hard for the driver to respond to a possible emergency and a collision may follow.

If you’re afraid you do not know how to adjust your driving style to the road and weather conditions, avoid driving when it snows or rains too much. You can also take defensive driving lessons, especially if you are a young, inexperienced driver.

To read more about this particular accident, follow this link.

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