Washington to Pass Stricter DUI Laws

Drunken drivers in Washington state may soon face stricter sentencing, according to news reports.

The Washington Legislature passed House Bill 1789, which would broaden the prosecution of felony driving under the influence, according to news reports. The bill now goes to Gov. Chris Gregoire for approval.

H.B. 1789 would also make any subsequent DUI conviction a felony, if the offender has previously been convicted of driving under the influence.

“The measure also requires a person convicted of alcohol-related reckless driving or negligent driving to install a device that prevents a car from starting if alcohol is detected,” according to news reports.

As an Olympia car accident attorney, I’m glad to hear that the state government is working to keep drunken drivers off the road. Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous to not only the suspect driver but also everyone around them. I urge everyone to never drink and drive and always have a designated driver, whether there are extra patrols or legal implications or not. I will be looking forward to see if the governor signs this bill into law.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a drunken driving car accident, contact a personal injury lawyer in Olympia.