Washington State Patrol on Mission to Reduce Accidents

Over the last few years fatal traffic accidents have been on the decline, but the Washington State Patrol is hoping to reduce them even more. Much of the decrease could be attributed to safer cars and safer roadways yet the real problem lies in dangerous drivers.

That’s where the Washington State Patrol is putting their focus. They feel that if they can target speeders and convince them to slow down, take their time, and drive safe that the real problem will be solved. They’ve set a very good goal of: “no traffic deaths or disabling injuries by the year 2030.”

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer I think it’s wonderful to see the State Patrol so excited about eliminating severe traffic accidents all together. It’s true that many of the car accident cases that I’ve handled have been a results of someone else’s negligence like speeding or talking on a cell phone when then should have been focusing on the road.

They’ve even adopted a catchy slogan to help drivers to remember to drive safe. It’s, “Slow Down or Pay Up.” Much of the extra effort will take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between now and August 1st. So you might want to leave the house a little early so you can drive at a safer speed without feeling rushed.