Washington State Patrol: 96 Collisions In Less Than 20 Hours

According to recent local news from Wenatchee, WA, the Washington State Patrol Troopers have been investigating over 96 accidents that happened on November 16th and 17th.

The reports from the authorities show a great difficulty from drivers to adapt to the major change in weather. Most of these collisions allegedly happened because of icy roads and a lack of attention from the drivers’ part. Washington State Patrol Troopers claim that all collisions could have been prevented if all motorists just slowed down.

The authorities hope that these accidents will remind drivers to be extremely prepared for the rough weather changes during the winter.  The article also urges drivers to verify if they vehicles have the proper tires for the wintery weather and the icy roads.

As a Federal Way car accident attorney I hope that all readers understand the importance of having your vehicles completely safe for winter driving. Always have a full tank of gas and keep something warm in your car. Because of the snow, you might encounter many unexpected road closures that can slow the traffic and cause more accidents. Stay alert.

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