Washington State Ferry Under Maintenance, Cracks Discovered

According to local news, the ferry Chetzemoka has been found to be unsafe after the Washington State Ferries inspectors noticed dash-like cracks in one propeller. The 64-car ferry might have presented the issue after a stainless steel piece being cast improperly.

After an extensive investigation of the overall state of the one-year-old ferry, the local authorities realized that five different blades were cracking right near the hub. After some tests were run under a metallurgical analyst, reports show that the pieced was actually placed incorrectly as predicted at first glance. Studies also show that the contents of carbon in the stainless steel were extremely high.

The problem with the carbon content being high is that it makes the propellant more fragile to cracks and minor damage. According to the state, the reports show that the propellers are being repaired in a timely manner.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer I hope nobody will ever get hurt riding in one of the local ferries. Let’s hope the authorities are investigating the case and that soon, the Chetzemoka ferry will be working like new.

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– Kirk Bernard