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WA Officers To Crack Down On Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a serious problem. As we have reported recently, it has been making drivers more likely to crash or become the victim of auto accidents.

In many occasions, these distractions are provoked by activities that are easily prevented, making drivers fully liable for often serious and even deadly car crashes — and yes, even here in our state of Washington.

In regions like Yakima Valley, authorities are working incessantly to make sure that distracted driving is eradicated and they are doing so by cracking down on local drivers who are using their smartphones while behind the wheel.

The campaign will take over two weeks and is part of the Target Zero campaign, which is an initiative taking place across the state. The goal is to lower the number of deaths associated with distracted driving including texting and talking on the phone.

During the two week period, officers will be increasing patrols, looking for drivers who are breaking the state distracted driving laws. Violators will face a $136 fine.

Starting this Thursday, drivers should be even more aware that distracted driving will cost them if they are not attentive. But what’s most important about this program, is that drivers really should be paying attention to the human cost of the practice.

If you do not want to be involved in crashes or accidents, you must not allow distractions to be part of your routine, no matter how well-acquainted you may be with the road. Even veteran drivers become distracted at times.

Our advice as experienced personal injury attorneys is simple: If you want to remain safe and help others stay safe, put your phone down and only handle it once again the minute you have safely parked your car.

For more on how local Washington police will be cracking down on distracted driving, follow this link.

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