VW Issues Recall on Select 2009 Routan Vehicles

Certain model year 2009 Routan vehicles are being recalled by Volkswagen. The vehicles that are being recalled were manufactured between June 2008 and July 2009. It appears that the reason for the recall is because of an electrical system issue with the wiring.

It’s believed that these vehicles may have been built with an improper routed wire harness that may result in a condition where the lower sliding door hinge bracket comes in contact with the wire insulation. Over time, with repeated contact, the insulation may be worn through resulting in contact with a 12V power feed circuit which can cause a resistive short circuit. If this does happen it can cause an overheated latch and a fire within the rear sliding door could occur.

If your vehicle is one of the models listed above Volkswagen will inspect the sliding door for you. If they spot damage they will repair and or replace as necessary. It’s said that they will perform the service free of charge and the recall begins during June 2010. You can schedule your inspection by calling Volkswagen directly at: 1-800-822-8987.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I can’t stress enough the severity of vehicle recalls. Over the last few months we’ve seen recalls from a lot of major payers in the automotive industry. Many of which could have (and did) result in some serious car accidents. Even though this might seem like such a small issue, the prospect of your car having a fire because of faulty wiring issues is very legitimate. If your car is affected by this recall you should contact Volkswagen right away to¬† have everything examined and taken care of.