Victims of DePuy Hip Recall Have to Fight For Compensation

Considering the fact that DePuy put a defective product on the market and slid under the radar without conducting proper testing to ensure consumer safety, it’s pretty obvious that the Orthopaedic implant manufacturer doesn’t exactly have their patient’s best interest at heart.  So, when the company or Johnson & Johnson attempt to make contact with you, seemingly trying to help you, don’t buy into their act.

In the initial press release that they put out on August 26th to announce the recall, the claimed that they would cover “reasonable and customary costs of monitoring and treatment for services.”  They make no claim that they will cover any lost wages, or pain and suffering that results from your defective implant.

If you are a victim of a failed DePuy ASR hip implant, you will likely suffer long-term damages and will have to alter the way you live your life. Technically, DePuy makes no claim that they will cover any of these long-term or secondary medical expenses.  As a hip replacement recall lawyer, I have to remind my clients that they didn’t do anything to bring this medical disaster upon themselves.  They deserve full and complete compensation which can be obtained with the help of a DePuy hip recall lawyer.  Though their life may never be the same, they shouldn’t have to worry about their bills stacking up.