Uber Wants to Fight Hackers, Protect Cars

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August 31, 2015
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Uber car safety hackerAfter getting Chrysler’s attention, two cybersecurity experts were approached by Uber. Now, they are working with one of the most famous tech companies in the world to beef up auto security. To many car safety experts, this is an important step. After all, the cyber security threat is here. Chrysler is already working to secure the vulnerabilities spotted by the experts, but what are other companies doing?

According to a series of news reports, the experts are joining the company to build a world-class safety and security program that will use Uber as its home. If the company is successful and the new hires are efficient, other companies could draw from what Uber is doing, beefing up their own security and making new cars safer for everyone.

But while Uber’s effort should be celebrated, the company is not the only one reaching out to the hacking community for help.

Recently, Tesla went to a hackers conference to find talent. The electric car maker is known to be working on developing its own autonomous car tech, a trend that was initiated by Google. Uber is also known to be working on developing its own self-driving technology with the help of the University of Arizona.

With so many companies working on the same technologies, one may think that the efforts might turn out to fail to deliver. But think again.

If many companies are working on their own technologies and security systems, each company’s system will be unique in a certain way, making it difficult for hackers and other cybersecurity experts to break the codes in all new car computers. When these types of systems are standardized, hackers have an easier time breaking into the systems since all of them use the same structure.

For consumers, the fact so many tech giants and automakers are working on developing autonomous car systems and tougher, more secure car computers is a positive thing. Drivers and passengers are the ones who will benefit from these companies putting so much effort in developing new technology.

If Uber is successful in working with its new team of cybersecurity experts, the technology the company will develop could push other companies to develop better, safer safety systems.

If you’re curious to know more about Uber’s efforts, you may read the full article here.

Until companies like Google are able to develop fully autonomous technology, drivers should remember they are responsible for their vehicles and how they drive them. Stay safe by focusing your attention on the road ahead.

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