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Uber Rider Loses Life In Hit-And-Run Accident

A Colorado man lost his life while riding in an Uber ride share in Colorado, news outlets report. The 52-year-old man had just left a bar when he decided to take an Uber home.

According to the reports, the victim was trying to be responsible by not drinking and driving. Despite having made the right decision, the Uber rideshare he was riding in was in a collision with a Jeep on Interstate 225. Authorities said the Jeep driver fled the scene after the accident. 

After the accident, authorities closed the road for several hours to investigate. While authorities eventually recovered the Jeep involved in the crash, they have yet to find the suspect.

In a statement, Uber confirmed that the vehicle was, indeed, being driven by an Uber driver and that the company stands “ready to support the law enforcement investigation and hope the person responsible will come forward and be identified by police.”

Friends Say Uber Crash Victim Was Passionate Against Drunk Driving

In the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, the victim’s friends said they were shocked their friend died doing something he thought was very safe. 

They pleaded with the Jeep driver to come forward, adding that the victim’s son has the right to know who took his father’s life. Additionally, they said the victim was an advocate for driver safety, being passionately against drunk driving. 

Uber Riders: Know Your Rights

Accidents involving Uber vehicles aren’t as rare as some might think

While this horrific crash was caused by another driver, it’s important that riders know their rights while using the ride share app. All too often, riders are left hanging after a collision, unaware if the company’s insurance should be helping to cover the medical costs. 

At Bernard Law Group, we know just how difficult it is for family members who are left behind after a deadly traffic accident. Our hearts are with the victim’s family and friends. 

We hope authorities are successful in finding the suspect.

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