U.S. Drivers Admit To Engaging In ‘Distracting’ Behaviors

Many behaviors can be classified as distracted demeanors. Handling a cell phone device while driving is surely one of them, but according to different news outlets, while driving you shouldn’t be manipulating foods and drinks since it can also beĀ  perceived a severe distraction.

The majority of drivers in the U.S. admit to being somewhat distracted while driving many times. Some state they have been distracted to highly dangerous extends before. A survey conducted online shows that 86 percent of all adults have handled food and beverages while driving and 59 percent have engaged in conversations using handheld cell phones.

Drinking and driving was also covered by the recent survey; a quarter of participants have admitted to driving after having a couple of drinks and an alarming 44 percent claim they have felt drowsy while driving.

As a Bellingham auto accident attorney I hope that all drivers reading this post will be more attentive while driving so they won’t engage in behaviors that may pose as accident hazards in the future.

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