Two-vehicle Crash Leaves 77-year-old Woman Injured

According to Washington State Patrol and recent news, a 77-year-old woman from Waitsburg was hurt Thursday afternoon sometime after 4 p.m. when she became involved in a car crash. The accident happened on Highway 12, just west of Dayton according to news sources.

The 77-years-old woman was driving a Subaru, she was right behind a Toyota pickup truck driven by a 41-year-old man reportedly from Dixie. When the man slowed down just before making a turn, the woman allegedly kept on driving at the same speed and hit the back of his vehicle.

The gravity of the woman’s injuries are yet unknown according to the Washington Highway Patrol reports. The man driving the pickup truck was allegedly left unharmed.

As a Seattle car accident attorney I urge all of you to be watchful of the road and its conditions. Speed limits must be respected at all times. Whenever you encounter a driver acting strangely on the road, don’t hesitate to report their license plates to the authorities and if you ever get involved in a car accident, remember to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Acting in a timely manner can help your case.