Truck Drivers Give Lane Departure Technology Thumbs Up

Due to the fact that the commercial trucking industry employs over 3 million Americans, driving safety has been a priority in the past years.  Though many trucking accidents are proven to have been caused by passenger vehicles, it’s still important to do whatever is necessary to keep big rig trucking accidents from occurring in the first place.  The University of Michigan has just concluded a year-long study that evaluated the latest safety technology from the Takata Corporation.

Takata’s SafeTrak Lane Departure system has been put to the test by commercial drivers in real world scenarios.  Their conclusion?  Eighty three percent of the driver’s who used the system claimed that they would operate drive a truck equipped with the technology.  On top of that, they would go so far as to recommend that their employers implement the system into their fleet of trucks.  Almost forty percent of drivers claimed that the lane departure warning system helped them avoid a potential crash.

According to the Vice President of Takata Electronics in this news report, “Today’s commercial truck driver faces many distractions while on the road for long hours, including drowsiness.  The SafeTrak system helps drivers maintain their lanes, know when to stop for rest breaks, and measure their on-road driving performance real time.”

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I’m always encouraged to see new technology like this hit the market.  Anything that can improve safety for everyone on the road is a huge benefit to society and well worth the money and time spent developing the technology.