Truck Driver Flees After Hitting School Girl in Crosswalk

With school back in session now, many  children are on the road walking home or being dropped off by school buses.  One young girl, a fifth grader at Canyon View Elementary was involved in a hit and run pedestrian accident Wednesday afternoon.  Luckily she will make a full recovery but State Troopers are still on the lookout for the negligent driver who struck her.

The young girl did everything she was taught and waited patiently at the crosswalk. According to the girl’s father in this news report, “She waited for the man to come up on the screen like she’s been taught.  She saw the timer (which starts at 15) and started to walk.  She saw the counter–10 was the last number she saw…The number 10 means she still had ample time to get across the sidewalk.”

One witness, waiting to turn at the red light, saw the young girl he hit with such force that it knocked her out of her tennis shoes and sent her flying across the road.  The witness exclaimed, “I don’t ever want to see anything like that again in my life.  He didn’t even slow down. I’m sure he knew he hit her.  There’s no doubt in my mind.”  The witness took off after the pickup truck to try and get a license plate number but was unsuccessful.  The suspect was driving a Ford or Dodge white pickup truck with a white canopy and may have been a middle aged man with a goatee.

As a Bellevue personal injury lawyer, I was astonished to hear that the young girl escaped with only bumps and bruises.  It’s a miracle that she didn’t suffer any broken bones or internal bleeding from the force of the impact.