Truck Accident Spills Logs Across Highway 101

Yesterday afternoon, just in time to backup rush hour traffic, a Jeep and logging truck collided with one another along Highway 101. Normally, the truck accidents that make news headlines such as this are the result of fatigued, impaired, speeding or negligent truck drivers.  Those accidents usually have tragic endings for the smaller passenger vehicles involved in the incident.  However, the accident yesterday bucked the norm and just goes to show that passenger vehicle drivers can be just as negligent.

According to this news report, a 2006 Jeep Wrangler driven by a 23 year-old Quilcene resident stopped in his lane to speak with a pedestrian.  He was traveling southbound on Highway 101.  A logging truck loaded to the brim and towing two trailers approached the stopped Jeep and moved into the northbound lane to pass around him. As he manuevered, the driver of the Jeep suddenly pulled out into the northbound lane to make a lefthand turn. The logging truck wasn’t able to stop in time and the vehicles collided, causing a truckload of logs to scatter across the roadway.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I was surprised to hear that the truck driver was transported to the hospital for treatment while the Jeep driver was merely treated at the scene of the accident.  Normally, these accidents would be much more devastating for the driver of the smaller vehicle.  In this instance, the Jeep driver was cited for negligent driving.