Troopers Go Undercover in Semi-Trucks

Washington State Patrol troopers will be using a new undercover way of targeting dangerous drivers. Troopers said they will soon be going after drivers while in a semi-truck.

Troopers will ride along with truck drivers to find aggressive drivers, according to news reports.

The new patrols are being implemented to address the number of truck-car collisions, which has increased over last year.

“The most dangerous violations we saw were drivers changing lanes, cutting too closely in front of trucks, which risks a collision,” according to news reports.

“Troopers hope using a semi as cover sends a message that officers are out there watching at any time, writing lots of tickets today to get people to drive with more respect for truck tomorrow.”

As a Tacoma car accident attorney, I’m glad troopers are going to new measures to make roadways safe for truckers as well as other drivers. I hope these patrols reduce the number of semi-truck accidents. Drivers should remember not to cut off semi-trucks and allow trucks plenty of space to merge into traffic and change lanes.

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