Trooper Involved In Crash, Hits Black Ice And Flips Vehicle

According to several news outlets, the freezing temperature was to blame for the severely icy roads many commuters had to deal with today.

Official reports say that the Washington State Patrol trooper involved in a crash early was the victim of this severe weather.

The trooper who was on duty during the evening was driving on I-90 when all of sudden he hit a bank of black ice and slid across the road. The car rested over an embankment.

Investigators from the WST claimed that the trooper wasn’t hurt but had to be taken to the hospital as a precautionary act. Authorities say that even when you know the roads well, certain threats can hit you when you least expect.

Some of the safety measures officers have advised readers to take is to always be attentive to different glares or strange shades on the sides of the road during the night. This is the time of the year that ice and snow cause severe accidents all over Washington State.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer I hope the Washington State Patrol trooper is doing fine and that this accident will serve as an example to young drivers. All motorists should always pay attention to the road surrounding them at any time of the day or the night.

I, a personal injury lawyer urge you to star alert to severe weather conditions while on the road, stay safe and keep others safe.