Train Collision Responsible for Ethanol Spills

News outlets have announced that an accident involving two trains have caused one of the derailed tanker cars to be leaking ethanol. According to the authorities, the collision occurred sometime after 3:30 a.m. in a switching yard when two of the locomotives along other 12 cars derailed. One of the cars was carrying corn syrup and calcium chloride.

According to the news sources, there are more than thirty crews from the fire department and other emergency responders present on the scene of the accident attempting to contain the situation. The entire region where the collision took place was evacuated.

Although there were different items being carried, only the ethanol was reported to be leaking.

As a Renton personal injury attorney I urge all of the residents of Pasco, Washington to stay away from the area where the accident occurred. I truly hope that more investigations will be performed so all the reasons behind this serious collision may be brought to the public.

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