Train and BigRig Collide on Everett Waterfront

Photo Courtesy of HeraldNet

A train collided with a semi-truck that was crossing the train tracks near Everett’s Kimberly-Clark plant.  The train accident took place around 9:45 this morning and closed the tracks that run alongside West Marine View Drive on the Everett waterfront.  Investigators are still looking into the events leading up to the accident to see who was to blame.

As a personal injury attorney in Seattle, I was relieved to hear that no one was seriously injured in the accident.  According to this news report, the driver of the big rig was taken to a local hospital but only as a precaution.  Luckily, the Burlington Northern Sante Fe train was only carrying four cars.  Since the accident took place just outside Kimberly-Clark, they will be coordinate the investigation, along with BNSF, Everett Police, the Washington State Patrol and the National Transportation Safety Board.

Because neither the train nor the tractor-trailer were carrying hazardous loads at the time, there was no issue of fire or contaminate spillage.  At this time, there isn’t much more known about the accident or why it occurred in the first place.  But considering the size of both vehicles and the poor braking capabilities of the train, it’s extremely lucky that no one was seriously injured in this t-bone collision.