Toyota Recalls 50 Wagons, Minivans

A small number of Toyota vehicles are being recalled in the United States, according to news reports.

The recall includes 50 Toyota Venza and Sienna vehicles, according to the automaker. The recalled vehicles – 34 Venza wagons and 16 Sienna minivans – are at risk of suddenly losing power if the drive shaft breaks.

“The Japanese automaker said its supplier GKN Plc had notified it on March 11 that it had supplied drive shafts from a plant in North Carolina that were defective because they had not been sufficiently heat treated,” according to news reports.

So far, no personal injuries or car accidents have been reported in connection to this recall

The recalled vehicles were reportedly produced in Indiana and Kentucky between March 7 and March 10.

As a Bellevue car accident attorney, I urge drivers with this vehicle to get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid any future car accidents or personal injuries. Toyota said it will notify owners of the recalled vehicles in mid-June. I’m glad Toyota was able to recall this vehicle before any car accidents or injuries occurred.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a recalled product, contact a personal injury lawyer in Bellevue.