Tomatoes Recalled for Salmonella

Tomatoes are being recalled across the county for the possibility of Salmonella contamination, according to news reports.

The Florida-grown tomatoes from Six L’s Packing Company Inc. are being recalled because a sample test came back positive for the foodborne illness.

Included in the recall are tomatoes “packed on April 11 under the Cherry Berry lot code DW-H in clam shells or 20-pound cardboard containers. The tomatoes were distributed to California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, as well as Canada,” according to news reports.

Along with whole tomatoes, deli salads with the tomatoes are also being recalled. “The salads were sold in plastic trays and at deli counters in Albertsons, Raley’s, Safeway, Savemart, Sam’s Club and Walmart stores across the West and some Midwestern states, including Arizona, Oregon, California, Nevada, Washington, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.”

As a Seattle foodborne illness lawyer, I’m saddened to hear about this food recall linked to Salmonella. I urge consumers with this product to throw it out or return it to stores for a full refund. Salmonella is a potentially fatal foodborne illness that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, the elderly and others with weakened immune systems.

If you believe you were sickened by foodborne bacteria, contact a doctor and have your case evaluated by a Seattle personal injury lawyer.