Toddler Injured in Vancouver DUI Accident

A toddler was hit in a suspected drunken driving accident in Vancouver, Wash., on Sunday, according to news reports.

The accident occurred when a 26-year-old man was driving and speeding when he failed to make a turn. Police with the Clark County sheriff’s department believe the man was drinking and driving, causing him to run into a house’s yard, hit a 3-year-old boy and crash into a garage.

It is unclear how injured the boy was. He was transported to Peace Health Southwest Medical Center on Sunday evening in stable condition, according to news reports.

The alleged drunken driver reportedly ran from the scene after the crash, but was arrested about six blocks away. He was booked into jail for investigation of vehicular assault and hit-and-run.

As a Vancouver personal injury attorney, I’m saddened to hear about this drunken driving incident. I hope this child is able to make a full and speedy recovery.  I urge drivers to never drink and drive, as it is not only dangerous to the driver, but everyone around them.

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