Three Teens Injured After Crash Just Southeast of Tacoma

According to several local news sources, an accident just southeast of Tacoma sent three teens to the Hospital.

The official reports from the Washington State Patrol show that the vehicle driven by an 18-year-old driver crashed into a pole on Highway 161 causing severe injuries to one of the passengers. The accident happened sometime around 12 a.m. on Thursday without involving any other vehicle.

The Washington State Patrol spokesperson stated that alcohol is likely the cause behind this accident. Officers say the driver will probably be charged with vehicular assault. Details regarding how the accident came to be were not disclosed by the authorities. The WSP is still investigating the case.

As a Tacoma car accident lawyer, it saddens me to hear about accidents involving drunk driving. This accident could have been avoided if the drunk teenage driver was in a sober state of mind and aware of his surroundings. I hope the three teens quickly recover from any injuries sustained in this incident. It is now up to the legal system to decide what charges the young man will be faced with.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a drunken driving accident, contact a personal injury lawyer in your region right away.