Three-car Accident Jams the traffic on Interstate 5

According to the news and the Washington State Patrol, morning commute just got a little harder for all drivers taking the Interstate 5 in Lynwood this Monday morning.

Some time after 7 a.m., a collision that involved three different vehicles jammed the traffic. As far as we know, there weren’t many details regarding the reasons behind the accident. It is known however that the backup extended for four miles and made all commuters pretty unhappy.

The Washington State Patrol is still investigating the crash since there were no reports on how it all started or whose fault it might have been. Road conditions or technical issues with the cars could also have influenced the crash.

As a Bellevue car accident lawyer I sincerely hope there aren’t any severe injuries reported from this accident. Although it may have caused a great deal of delay to all commuters who happened to travel through that area, the most important thing is to keep anyone from getting hurt.

Any accident that might have been caused by a third party and that has put your life at risk should be dealt by a professional car accident lawyer that will expose the other driver’s negligence and assist you with your case.