This Study On Distracted Driving May Scare You

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Distracted driving continues to be one of the most common factors behind moderate to serious accidents involving teen drivers. But the problem doesn’t impact inexperienced drivers alone.

A recent study that looked into Connecticut drivers shows that, every day, 11.1 million separate instanced of distracted driving can be seen happening. That accounts for 10 percent of all the region’s drivers.

According the vice-president of the Preusser Research Group, the group behind this particular study, the research did not look into interstate drivers. Only drivers in town were observed. In most instances, drivers were seen either talking or texting while behind the wheel.

The study predated the current crackdown on distracted driving promoted by local law enforcement agents. During the month of April, several law enforcement agencies across the country have been stepping up enforcement and focusing on distracted driving in observance of the National Distracted Driving Month. Other groups have also been using the opportunity to teach drivers—especially teen drivers—about the risks associated with distracted driving.

As the number of smartphone users grows, so does the risks associated with distracted driving.

Most states have distracted driving laws put in place to fight the increasing issue. But regardless of what state laws say, drivers continue to drive while distracted whether they are using phones or not. Many of the distractions that cause accidents are not only associated with phone use. Talking to passengers, eating, drinking, or using navigation devices are some of the activities that have been causing drivers to be involved in accidents.

Distractions are factors in 6 of 10 moderate-to-severe accidents involving teen drivers. If motorists are concerned about safety, making sure they are entirely focused on the road should help to keep the number of distracted driving accidents down.

Soon enough, companies like Google and many automakers such as Audi and Tesla will be making autonomous car technology a popular feature. Until that moment comes, drivers will continue to be 100 percent responsible for their vehicles, their safety, and the safety of others sharing the roads.

The issues associated with distracted driving include being distracted by things that are happening outside of the car as well as other activities that do not involve the use of handheld devices. Avoiding distractions means paying attention to the road and what goes on around you.

For more details on the study claiming 11.1 million of distracted driving incidents happen daily, follow this link to read the full article.

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