The Hidden Dangers of Power Windows

When it comes to child safety in a car, the topics you most often hear about relate to car seat and booster seat safety, seat belts, or airbag safety.  As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I recently came across this article on the hidden dangers of power windows and how they can cause serious injury to your child, and I wanted to pass that information along.  Nowadays, power windows are a standard feature in almost all vehicles.  Over the last ten years, hundreds of children have suffered from a personal injury caused by this technology.  Children have a tendency to want to lean their heads out the window, regardless of whether the car is moving or parked.  When they do this, they can accidentally lean on the power window button, causing it to roll up and potentially entrap their head or neck.

If your vehicle comes with a window locking feature, put that to use.  When shopping for a car, one with lever switches will be safer since they have to be pulled up in order to engage the window.  When the power window switches are located on the flat surface of the door, they are more likely to be pressed accidentally then if they are placed vertically on the side of the door. If you can find a car that offers the auto-window reverse safety feature, that will help prevent entrapment.

Even if your car comes with all the latest safety features, it still doesn’t replace the need to supervise your child.  Adult supervision still remains the number one way you can keep your child safe, whether it be around a pool or in a car.