The ‘Future of Safety’ Is Now for Ford

The immediate future of cars may not include flying, but they could include features such as inflatable seatbelts and self-parking vehicles.

The Ford Motor Company is one manufacture working on new technology advances to keep you and your family safe on the road.

Seatbelts that inflate if you are involved in a collision, a car key that allows parents to monitor how their teens are driving and vehicles that park themselves are all new technology being developed for Fords. The company showed off their features at their “Future of Safety” event.

Drivers don’t have to wait to get the new technology. Self-parking cars and the “my key” feature are available on select models now, and the rear inflatable seatbelts will debut on the Ford Explorer, which will begin production later this year, according to news reports.

As a Seattle car accident attorney, it’s exciting to see the new technology cater to safety concerns. As new developments occur, drivers and passengers will hopefully be safer in their vehicles, especially in the event of a car accident.

Even now, safer vehicles could be playing a role in reducing traffic accident deaths. While more than 30,000 people died in car accidents last year, the number is down from 40,000 deaths in 2005.