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Thanksgiving Heightened Patrol Helped To Avoid DUI Accidents

Washington state authorities used their resources during the Thanksgiving weekend to crack down on drivers who were under the influence, helping to make sure that roads were safer for responsible drivers trying to navigate the state’s roads while traveling to and from their loved ones’ homes. According to troopers who were out during the period, at least 189 people in the Vancouver area were pulled over, with 48 drivers being cited and 97 let off with just a warning. Other eight people were arrested for “other” infractions that weren’t immediately clear.

Regardless of how many people were arrested for DUI infractions, it’s important that drivers are doing all in their power to avoid accidents. During the holiday season, drinking and driving is one of the many issues drivers may experience, but other activities may also expose drivers to risks such as distractions and drowsy driving.

Drivers who will be hitting the road to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve with loved ones and friends must never forget that intoxicated driving is not only illegal, it’s also deadly. Distracted driving is also one of the top factors behind accidents. And when it comes to holiday driving, drowsy driving is also a major danger.

As drivers spend a great deal of time behind the wheel to get to the houses of relatives and friends, they end up not resting as much as they need. And if this happens, then they end up falling asleep behind the wheel.

If you will be hitting the road for quite some time during the holiday season, have a second driver ready to take over if you’re tired. And if needed, pull over to a safe place where you can park and rest for a while or until you’re ready to take over the wheel with the attention you require to drive safely.

For more on how local law enforcement worked during the Thanksgiving weekend to weed out drunken drivers, follow this link.

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