Teen Loses Control After Attempting To Pass Semi-Truck

According to several local news sources, an unfortunate accident sent two teens from Franklin County to the Hospital last Saturday. The official reports from the Washington State Patrol revealed that a 16-year-old was driving a Honda Accord on the southbound lanes of Highway 17 when he attempted to pass a semi-truck but unfortunately lost control of his vehicle.

The Accord went off the road to the northbound shoulder, rolled down and it came to rest on its wheels. According to the authorities, the teens were wearing their seatbelts.

The accident happened some time around 3 in the afternoon just northwest of Connell. The road conditions and the speeding along with the inattention of the teen behind the wheel caused the crash, a Washington State Patrol officer said.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer I’m certain that the lives of the teens involved in this accident were spared because they had their seat belts fastened properly. I urge all readers to remember that vehicular safety devices are designed for you and your loved ones so no one will be harmed if an accident happens.

Whenever you or a loved one is involved in an accident caused by the inattention or recklessness of another driver, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area as soon as you can. The faster you act, the faster a proficient lawyer can assist you with your case.