Washington drivers don’t have a lot of experience with the snow, but the Washington State Patrol is urging them to at least remember to slow down and avoid driving if you don’t own proper snow tires.

The patrol said it responded to 40 car accidents in the Yakima area on Wednesday before noon. While no serious injuries were reported, some of the accidents were serious. In one instance, a tow truck responding to another incident was hit by a pickup truck on Interstate 82 near Union Gap, according to news reports.

“First and foremost is to slow down,” said agency spokesman Lt. Jim Keightley to news reports. “The speed limit itself is there for the best of conditions. So when it’s like this, the proper speed is going to be a lot less.”

Troopers also emphasized the need for studded or chained tires on the snowy roads.

As a Yakima personal injury attorney, I urge drivers to practice safe driving techniques over the snowy mountain passes and icy roads so everyone can have a fun, safe winter. Icy roads act as a barrier between the road and your tires, providing less traction and making it more likely you’ll get into a car accident.

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The Washington State Patrol said it responded to 40 car accidents in the Yakima area on Wednesday before noon.