Tacoma Bike Accident Attorney

If you’ve decided to take advantage of this beautiful August weather by biking to work, you should be aware of the common ways that bicycle accidents occur.  By understanding the dangers of cycling on the road, you have a better chance of avoiding such a catastrophe.  For instance, you never want to ride in the opposite direction of traffic because drivers won’t expect to see you coming towards them.  If there is a row of parked cars to your left, anticipate that a car door might swing open in front of you and try to stay as far left as possibly while still staying out of the way of traffic.

Advice From a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tacoma

As a Tacoma personal injury attorney, I also urge you to avoid cycling on the sidewalks which can put pedestrians at risk.  In many cities, it’s actually illegal to ride on a sidewalk for that reason, according to this news article.  If you’re waiting at a red light, pay careful attention to cars on your left that may be making a right hand turn and not see you on your bicycle.  Just because a car doesn’t have their turn signal on doesn’t mean they’re not turning so always bike defensively in these scenarios.  You should wait in the middle of the lane directly behind a car and don’t try to pass by on the right.

Be Safe While On Your Bike

You’ll definitely want to equip your bicycle with mirrors to help you see behind and around you.  Implementing the proper reflectors and lights on your bike is not only a good idea, it’s the law.-

Kirk Bernard

July 22, 2020
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Tacoma Bike Accident Attorney If you’ve decided to take advantage of this beautiful August weather by biking to work, you should be aware of the common […]
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