Sweet Grape Tomatoes Recalled Due To Salmonella Concern

Grape tomatoes from a California farm are being recalled due to Salmonella contamination, according to  recent news sources.

Andrew Williamson Fresh Produce, a San Diego based company, has recalled 640 cases of the grape tomatoes, totaling about 5,120 pounds. The tomatoes were grown in Baja, California and shipped to Oregon, from which they were distributed to several locations.

The Food and Drug Administration informed the company of the contamination after they found that the tomatoes tested positive in a routine sample test on produce in Michigan.

The tomatoes were distributed from September 1 through September 27. The product subject to recall is the sweet grape tomato called Olivia, of the company’s snack line. Production at the farm has been halted until the source can be confirmed and taken care of.

No illnesses have currently been reported.

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