SUV Crashes into Tacoma Food Co-Op

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June 1, 2012
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June 1, 2012

A woman reportedly drove a sport utility vehicle into the Tacoma Food Co-Op on 6th Avenue due to a possible medical emergency, according to the News Tribune.

The crash happened at about 7:45 p.m. Thursday. The general manager said the woman seemed to pass out behind the wheel and then drove through the front door of the building.

The manager said he was standing behind the cash register and was struck by the vehicle. Two customers were injured and taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Their conditions were not known.

The manager said he did not believe the woman would come all the way into the store, expecting her to stop at some point, but he estimated the vehicle entered the building at 35 mph. She never hit the brakes.

Police did not release any information about what possibly caused this wreck. I hope everyone injured in this crash makes a full recovery.

I encourage the doctors and police to conduct a full investigation into what caused this woman to lose control. If she did have a medical event, I hope she receives the needed treatment.

Anyone who has a known medical condition should receive an evaluation from a physician to determine whether they are well enough to drive.

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