Suspect Still on the Loose After High Speed Chase

Police are still on the lookout for a man who led them on a wild, high speed chase through Gig Harbor in today’s early morning hours.  A State Trooper originally spotted the suspect at 2 in the morning as he drove erratically along SR 16 near Southeast Mullinex Road.  The trooper immediately attempted to pull the suspect over since he posed a threat to other drivers on the highway.

The suspect refused to pull over and instead exited the highway, blew through a stop sign, and re-entered SR 16.  He then exceeded speeds of 95 miles and hour as he attempted to speed away from the trooper.  According to this news report, the suspect then exited at Wollochet Drive where he ultimately crashed into the brush.  At this point he began to flee on foot.  Though law enforcement officials and police dogs scoured the area, they came up empty handed.  They believe he may have called someone to pick them up in a car.

The Saturn car that the suspect was driving had been reported stolen to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Department and a police report had been filed.  At this point, the police don’t have a physical description of the suspect to follow up on but the car has been impounded as they comb it for evidence.  As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I’m always relieved to hear that no personal injuries or accidents occurred in the high speed pursuit.