Suspect DUI Crash Kills Infant

A baby died in a car accident that is suspected to have been caused by a drunken driver on Sunday.

The accident occurred when a suspected drunk driver crashed into a car on the side of Interstate 5 in Vancouver around 9:30 p.m., according to the Washington State Patrol. The car struck a vehicle on the left shoulder of I-5 near Main Street.

“According to the state patrol, the (suspect drunken driver) was northbound on I-5 when he lost control of his car and crashed into the median and then into the disabled vehicle,” according to news reports.

A 3-month-old boy from Burien, Wash., was killed in the collision. A 23-year-old woman and 21-year-old man, both from Burien, were also in the car and sustained minor injuries in the crash.

The 26-year-old suspect in the crash was and booked into jail for investigation of vehicular homicide and DUI, according to news reports. The man reportedly has a previous conviction for drunk driving in California from 2006. His bail was set at $200,000 on Monday.

As a Tacoma car accident attorney, I’m saddened to hear about this fatal accident, especially because it involves a child and possibly drinking and driving. My condolences go out to this family affected by this tragedy.

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