Summer Water Safety

Many people like to take a break from the summer heat by jumping in a pool or a lake, but while the water can be refreshing, it can also be dangerous.

According to Safe Kids USA, drowning deaths among kids increase to 89 percent between May and August.

Safety experts urge families to use life jackets and always supervise children in the water. Life jackets should fit and meet U.S. Coast Guard standards. Officials also urge people to enroll in CPR and swimming classes, according to news reports.

Parents need to stay vigilant to watch their children, as water accidents can occur in a split second.

Parents should also be aware of pool drain safety. Some pool drains still do not meet new federal safety standards and can trap children underwater causing serious injuries or death.

As a Bellevue personal injury lawyer, I urge pool owners to keep children away from drains, especially in shallow wading pools or those with single main drain systems, where they can be more powerful and dangerous. I hope parents can keep a watchful eye on children while they swim to make sure this holiday is safe and fun.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a pool drain accident, contact a personal injury lawyer in Bellevue.