Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

Did you know that in a car accident, a 20lb untethered object can fly through the air with 1,000 pounds of force?  With that in mind, a suitcase is capable of ripping the arm right off a crash test dummy, according to this report.  Wisconsin resident, George Clark, can testify to that truth.  While returning from a Boy Scout training camp, he was in a car accident and an unsecured child booster seat struck him in the face, shattering his jaw and facial bones and ultimately requiring complete facial reconstruction.

You might think that seat belts are to merely keep yourself safe in an accident.  But if you’re not properly secured, you turn into a human projectile in an accident and can seriously injure other passengers in the car with you.  Dogs who are not in a harness or travel crate can also cause some serious damage.

As a Tacoma personal injury lawyer, I hope you’ll follow some of these helpful tips next time you’re packing up the car for a road trip.

  • Check to see what the weight limit is on your vehicle before you pack it full or attempt to tow a trailer or boat.
  • If you strap items to the roof of your car, keep it under 18 inches high and 100lbs.  If over these dimensions, they could induce a rollover.
  • Always secure grocery bags or luggage in the trunk of your car and make use of the anchors provided.
  • Make frequent stops to get rid of clutter and trash.
  • Put heavy items, like a full cooler, near the front of the car so it won’t travel far in an accident.
  • Make sure your tires are inflated properly.