Sugar Canisters Recalled Due to Undeclared Milk

According to the news reports from the FDA and other news outlets, the Diamond Crystal Brands Inc. from Savannah, GA, has issues a recall for the GFS® sugar canisters because the non-dairy coffee creamers were inadvertently filled with undeclared milk.

The product allegedly used in the recalled sugar canisters contains caseinate, which happens to also be a milk derivative. Since it wasn’t stated on the product’s label, the company decided to recall the items.

Individuals with cases of life-threatening milk allergies should not consume this product since it may pose a severe risk to their well being. Symptoms of milk allergy in adults may cause vomiting, gastric diseases, stomach pain, skin rashes etc.

As an Olympia personal injury lawyer I hope that no unaware and allergic consumer will be the victim of the consequences of the ingesting of this recalled item.

Personal injury lawyers understand that many fatal cases could have been avoided throughout the past years if companies were responsible enough to understand how important it is to declare all ingredients present in any food products. Consumers depend on responsible companies to make sure that they’re safe when consuming their products.