Subaru Recalls All 2012 Outback, Legacy and Impreza Vehicles

The consumer reports news website has announced that Subaru is recalling the 2012 models from the Legacy, Outback and Impreza vehicles. The news article went on to claim that the problem behind this recall is an alleged brake issue.

The company has declared that they have received over 130 complaints regarding the malfunctioning of their brakes among the 3,000 vehicles sold during the year in North America. According to the spokesperson of Subaru, there haven’t been any accident reports related to the brake issues. The problem may lie in a faulty batch of the brake master cylinders, which happens to be a common fault of both Legacy and Outback models.

The same issue may occur with select Impreza vehicles manufactured in Japan. Dealers all over the country are prohibited of selling the recalled cars and will be taking problematic cars in after the company starts to notify all owners to have their cars fixed free of charge.

The manufacturer did not publicize the exact number of affected vehicles.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer I urge all owners to follow the company’s guidelines and return the faulty vehicles to the dealership as soon as stipulated by the manufacturer. Personal injury lawyers sincerely hope that no driver will be harmed by this defective product in any way.