Statistics on Cell Phone Use By Drivers

A new study claims that 22 percent of drivers are making safety a priority.  This is the number of people will cell phones that don’t use them at all while driving.  As a personal injury attorney in Seattle, I wish this number was actually a hundred percent but it seems our expectations of drivers staying off their cell phones all together has been compromised. Out of all drivers on the road with cell phones, 29 percent use the speakerphone option that is built into their phone.  Twenty two percent use a wireless bluetooth headset while 10 percent use a headset with a wire.  Only 5 percent utilize a Bluetooth speakerphone accessory for their car.

I feel that distracted driving is quickly becoming an epidemic in our country, on par with drunk driving. When you think about the fact that the average American spends 16.5 hours in a car each week, you can imagine their urge to use their cell phones.  Even though the technology making it safer has improved, it still doesn’t mean it’s actually safe to talk on your phone at all while driving.  Having a conversation causes what researchers call “inattention blindness.”  You’re looking at the road, but your brain isn’t really registering what’s going on around you, which can quickly lead to a car accident.

Keep in mind that if you live in Washington state, and many others, there is a law that prohibits you from driving while using a hand-held cell phone.