State Route 150 Gets Speed Change

Commuters traveling on State Route 150 along the north shore of Lake Chelan will soon notice a number change on the speed limit signs. Effective Monday, the speed limit on State Route 150 will be extended a quarter-mile along the shore to 25 miles per hour from 35, according to news reports.

“The Washington State Department of Transportation is extending the 25 mph zone west toward Manson from Park Pointe condominiums to Spader Bay Road,” according to news reports.

Currently, the speed limit in the area is 35, but a WSDOT radar study reports the average speed around 30 mph because of increased traffic volumes. The area, which is increasing in development, has seen an increase in commuters from 7,800 vehicles per day five years ago to more than 9,500 today, according to news reports.

Traffic accidents have also increased. “Collision records show that there were four crashes along this stretch from 2007 to 2009. Two were rear-end collisions; both westbound at Spader Bay Rd. The other two involved single vehicles striking an object off the road,” according to news reports.

The city of Chelan, Park Pointe Condominium Assn. and the Washington State Patrol supported the speed limit change.

As a Wenatchee car accident attorney, I urge drivers to pay attention to this speed limit change to avoid car accidents and speeding tickets. The change was to ensure road safety, so it’s important to slow down and follow it.

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